Milan Fashion Week


If your going to visit the fashion capital of the world why not go during fashion week?  Well, that is exactly what me and the girls did.  We were on a bus at 7AM and off to Milan to look into windows of the most high end designers and just dream that one day we can go in.  We had pretty bad weather when we went but the beauty of the stores and street definitely made up for it.

Saturday 2/23



Rome: Day 3


On our last day we were checked out of our hotel by 10 AM and head straight to the Colosseum.  Standing out side of the giant arena gave me chills thinking about how so many years ago people would come and watch people kill each other and animals the same was that we go to watch a football game.  The entire structure was just as breathtaking as everything else and the fact that so many years ago people built a structure that elaborate blows my mind. All in all it was bigger and better than what I had ever expected.

Sunday 2/17


Rome: Day 2


The second day we were out of the hotel by 9 AM and did not get to sit back down until 6:30 PM.  It was a whirlwind of a day but the most exciting day that I have had studying abroad so far.  Our first stop was to Castel Saint Angelo which was breathtaking and had a beautiful bridge that used to be the only was to get to it called the bridge of angels.  Once we finished there we quickly grabbed lunch and headed over to Saint Peters Basilica.  Once I saw the outside of the church I was taken back and speechless because it is so large and breathtaking.  Little did I know that walking inside would be even more overwhelming and stunning.  On the inside of the church there is no paint and all of the pictures are done by mosaic.  After finishing those two tours we did our own tour of the Vadican Museum and the Sistine Chapel which are just as amazing as Saint Peters Basilica.  I some how managed to muster up some of my dads navigational and map reading skills and lead us back to our hotel where we all passed out until the next day which just lead to even more history.

Saturday 2/16


Rome: Day 1


Our first overnight trip was set up by API and it was the most amazing trip of my life (so far).  We stayed in Hotel Argentina and I got to see and do things I never thought that I would.  We left Florence at 7 AM and arrived in Rome at 11:30 AM and went right on our first walking tour of the city.  In this one walk I saw and learned more history then I did in any class I have ever taken.  We walked through the Pantheon, stood on the Spanish steps, threw one too many coins into the Trevi Fountain, and saw the most amazing sculptures and architecture I have ever seen.

Friday 2/15


The Mall Attempt…


Poor Melissa spilled wine on her laptop and everyone told her there was an apple store in the mall.  When someone says that something is at “the mall” would you not get your bus tickets for “the mall”? Right, we did.  But apparently “The Mall” is different from “the mall” so we ended up at an outdoor shopping center where you could not buy anything for less that $100 except for the glass of wine that we order while waiting for the next bus to take us home.  Even though it was a pretty rough day we naturally ended it with a fat cheese burger, onion rings, and french fries.  So all in all we just called it an adventure.

Saturday 2/9




Since it was our first real weekend in Florence we decided that we should just take a day trip to get our selves used traveling in a foreign country.  So what better place to start than in Pisa! After our amazing breakfast from Astor and almost missing our train because we could not find platform 1A we finally arrived in Pisa 2 hours later.  The only side is that none of us thought to look up where the leaning tower was in relation to the train station and we had no map so we just started to walk straight down what seemed like the main street.  Lucky for us we were right and in no time we were just like all the other tourist snapping pictures of us holding up the leaning tower.

Friday 2/8